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The Story of Grace May

The Story of Grace May

Do you ever spend time thinking about why a company is branded in a certain way and the meaning behind it all? The typical route is to engage a marketing company and let them do the rest. We took on a slightly different approach in keeping with our philosophy of trusting in people we believe in. The result has been eye opening for us as a company and the individuals involved.

Recruitment is an industry I love and constantly keeps me on my toes , yet there is no denying that it is an overcrowded market. The bar to entry can be quite low and this leads to a number of problems within the industry. All those involved with Grace May have been attracted to recruitment strangely at later stages of our careers, we have experienced it as candidates, clients and now it’s what we are about. When creating the branding for the business we met with a number of companies but a chance meeting in a coffee shop with a final year student was the turning point.

Authenticity and creativity in business is vital and this was a quality Stuart Foy had in abundance. It is no coincidence this young man went onto gain a first class degree and was then snapped up by a major global Advertising company and is now based in London . We really enjoy helping our clients recruit for potential not just past performance, it is what we believe in.

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